Monday, December 21, 2015

2016 Media Predictions

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1. Tribune will leave CW Network, re-run WGN America shows and older shows available in Tribune's library.

2. Starz and Lionsgate will merge

3. Sinclair will launch their own version of Vice News

4. IOC will speed up the launch of their network, NBC/Discovery and other rightsholders will partner with them

5. Viceland will suffer in the ratings in the beginning, start to air more unique, live programming towards the end of the year

6. Showtime and Bloomberg Politics' The Circus will break news on the campaign trail, CBS and NBC News will both have video from documentary series and will be able to show the video first

7. Bloomberg Politics will partner with an online outlet to further distribute its content, create some exclusive content for the online outlet; some question whether Halperin and Heilmann are spreading their wings too thin

8. Time Warner buys Mashable. Time Warner and Discovery will merge to prevent AT&T or Fox from buying it.

9. AT&T buys Sony in order to increase its ownership of content

10. Colbert will continue to suffer in the ratings, change the format of his show. Super Bowl postgame slot will help his ratings

11. Samantha Bee's TBS show will rate low against Comedy Central's @midnight

12. Jimmy Kimmel will expand Cisco Wall of America feature to include live webstream exclusive broadcasts

13. Jimmy Fallon will continue to dominate ratings, experiment with more online content

14. Periscope will add more features to make live broadcasts more professional such as graphics, hardware for live streaming

15. Google buys Twitter in order to fill their social media void, improve their search capabilities

16. HLN will re-air CNN documentaries, add more live newscasts aimed at viewers on the go

17. CNN, Fox News and MSNBC's schedules will not change

18. Snapchat will introduce live streaming with CNN being one of the first partners

19. Sidewire app will also break news regarding the election

20. Twitter will host a presidential forum

21. Snapchat will launch a Discover channel with election content, presidential Q&As with user submitted Snaps will be major part of the channel

22. Snapchat will surprisingly break news from the election process as well

23. GMA will increase online exclusive content to increase engagement with viewers including livestreams, extra video

24. Today Show will beat GMA in the ratings

25. Josh Elliott will leave NBC Sports, re-join GMA/ESPN. His first assignment? Awkwardly covering the Olympics which was allegedly the reason he left GMA

26. Neil Patrick Harris will contribute to NBC's Olympics coverage

27. Rio Olympics will be the highest rated Olympics in NBC's history

28. Periscope will be added onto Twitter Moments, debut during the Olympics

29. Team USA, NBC and the IOC Channel will produce compelling video for Facebook including 360 video

30. CBS will renew Thursday Night Football, acquire equity stake in NFL Network, co-produce programming with the league including entertainment programming for Pop!

31. Yahoo will acquire Thursday Night Football nonexclusive streaming rights

32. Apple will produce interviews with sports stars for their TV service

33. ESPN and Fox will share Big Ten rights

34. ESPN will launch their own OTT network with NBA

35. ESPN will acquire more live sports rights exclusively for their app, increase live talk shows exclusive to their app

36. ESPYs will air again on ABC, NFL playoff game will continue to air on ABC

37. Mike Francesa will move to MSG

38. ESPN will acquire rights to League of Legends championships

39. Turner's new ELeague Counter-Strike competitions will rate low

40. Rich Eisen Show will leave Fox Sports Radio affiliates, Yahoo Sports Radio will pick it up with Sirius/XM

41. Keith Olbermann will return to MSNBC in 2016 while Brian Williams gets his own hour of news at 1pm.

42. Simon Cowell will bring back X-Factor to the United States

43. Dan Patrick will be offered Alex Trebek's job and say no, Meredith Viera gets it instead after her show is cancelled

44. Skip Bayless leaves ESPN for Fox Sports 1, Stephen A. leaves First Take which will continue with two new cohorts

45. Jason Whitlock's FS1 show debuts to poor ratings

46. Yahoo will be bought by Verizon or IAC, Marissa Mayer will leave to start her own company

47. BuzzFeed and Vox will provide in depth Olympics coverage

48. Apple will launch their own television service with NFL games at the center

49. Alibaba buys a stake in Verizon

50. AXS TV will merge with Palladia

51. 7am SportsCenter will have a weekly segment on GMA

52. More sports, entertainment and news live events will be streamed in VR and 360 video including the conventions

53. Samsung will buy Tidal

54. Fusion will shut down TV channel after 2016 election and focus on website, channel will become Univision Noticas Network

55. Bloomberg will buy Time Inc.

56. Sinclair buys a TV network for American Sports Network

57. Peyton Manning replaces Phil Simms

58. C-USA TV rights will be acquired by Fox, Sinclair

59. Pac 12 Network gives up a stake to Fox Sports, increases programming synergies

60. ESPN invests in player-POV programming by teaming up with The Players Tribune, airing live player-POV perspectives on their app. Vice Sports also airs specials on ESPN

61. Vin Scully will retire

62. Donald Trump will launch an online commentary website with video after he drops out before the convention

63. Fox News and NBC News will win their respective cable/broadcast ratings for election coverage as Hillary Clinton wins the general election

64. Donald Trump will live stream during election night

65. CNN will experiment with virtual reality/360 video on election night

66. VR/360 will go mainstream

67. David Letterman resurfaces with interview podcasts

68. Ellen continues to grow her online empire

I'll add more as I think of them before the year ends

69. Kobe signs with ESPN to do studio work for 10 games including Christmas Day. Disney also invests in his new film studio 

70. NBC invests in e-sports programming 

71. Comcast buys controlling stake in MASN

72. Katie Couric leaves Yahoo after 2016 election, takes a break from daily grind to make documentaries 

73. Spotify or Tidal or another entity will launch a radio station or podcast network with shows hosted exclusively by famous music artists to rival Beats 1

74. Beats 1 interviews air on TV via Apple's new TV service on a channel called Beats TV. Viceland also airs Beats 1 interviews

75. Beats also invests in long form video featuring their endorsers for TV and YouTube

76. Snapchat forces users to watch ads

77. Nate Silver and 538 leave ESPN after election to join Washington Post

78. Reelz Channel is sold to a conglomerate 

79. Howard U shuts down WHUT

80. Snapchat adds a feature for verified users and snaps in your local jurisdiction to be publicly seen

81. Snapchat will finally let you upload your camera roll

82. Snapchat will create a Discover channel with the best and most viewed user generated content of the day not seen in the stories/content created by internet stars like Jerome Jarre

83. Snapchat will create a new page to make some Snaps appear publicly - possibly a Tumblr page

84. Food Network's Discover channel will be removed 

85. Revolt will launch their own awards show, partner with IHeartMedia

86. Billy Bush will join "Today Show"

87. Mark Cuban invests in e-games

88. Disney uses its library to start a diginet

89. WHDH-TV will lose NBC affiliation

90. CBS and Turner expand March Madness deal with new rights added on such as VR/360 video, ability to launch March Madness streaming service, creation of documentaries around big March Madness events

91. Hulu acquires live content of some type, possibly sports


D. Tez said...

Hell No to most of this speculation. Tribune & CW are joined at the hip,so no go. AT&T and Sony get real. CBS was eyeing Sony, and why would Sony & AT&T ever get in bed. No, no no. Sinclair creating it own news, now that I can buy.

If anyone love themselves why would Josh come back to GMA. No, no, no pls News Jesus wouldn't allow that to come through the pike. Let Josh go fade black, but Sam he can totally come back to GMA. Josh should go work for Al Jerezza America

Jessie Karangu said...

Tribune and CW are having disagreements at the moment, AT&T needs a content partner and Sony has access to hardware, Sinclair will develop their own news product and Josh isn't going to AJA.

S.N. said...

I like idea number 88! Let the "Live Well Network" rest in peace and give us a free broadcast variation of 80s/90s Disney Channel! But hey, at least I can get a taste of reuniting with "old Disney" on LAFF -- the comedy diginet! (which IS, ironically, on the 8 ABC O&O stations, all of which air what's left of Live Well.)

Richard Clifford said...

You misspelled the call letters for the Boston NBC station. It is WHDH-TV. First and foremost, it will remain an NBC Station. NBC can't afford to blow up its Telemundo affiliate, because the signal doesn't reach into Boston. But one thing I will predict-CBC in Canada will drop out of the Sportsnet NHL contract at the end of this year. They'll go back to regular programming on Saturday nights(although they might air Toronto Maple Leafs games on its stations outside Ontario).

jwood38019 said...

From north of The Border: More Canadian TV stations will close or become satellites of larger stations as the ad market deteriorates.

"AT&T needs a content partner"

Back in this country, AT&T will buy Viacom.

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