Thursday, February 27, 2014

How to Fix American Idol

I watched "American Idol" last night for the first time in a long time and I was really fascinated by how different it looks from past seasons. The show is way more fast-paced, the contestants are younger, the set is cooler, the graphics are attention-grabbing and the judges seem to know what they're talking about without butting heads. So why haven't ratings picked up for the show?

The brand is tainted. When the younger generation thinks of "American Idol," it associates the show with a dead formula even though voting for the show is more interactive and social than ever before. So what does Fox need to do to fix this problem? Here are some potential solutions.
  • This is the least likely to happen but give the show a break. Make people miss "American Idol" and put the show on one year hiatus.
  • Bring on wild card contestants with rabid social media fanbases to challenge the new contestants which judges find during auditions. Sign on YouTube cover sensations and old contestants from "Idol," "The Voice," and "The X-Factor" who were popular but never made it. Each of those potential contestants brings a new base of people that could possibly watch the show.
  • Bring back Simon Cowell or even bring back all 3 original judges (Simon, Paula, Randy) and pit two teams of singers coached by two different judging panels against each other. (Team S.P.R vs. Team Harry/Keith/J.Lo)
  • Change the format of one season to exclusively include all of the losers from past seasons. Add a "Big Brother"/"Jersey Shore" element to it where they have different challenges and are stuck living together in the same house.

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