Friday, January 10, 2014

Tim Brando Show Out At CBSSN?

The Tim Brando Show already went through some changes in 2013 on the radio airwaves, moving from terrestrial radio to Sirius/XM, and now it looks like they may be on the move in the television world as well. Brando has been a major face of CBS' college football and college basketball programming for years which is why he fit so well on the CBS Sports Network. But, because Brando's show is owned and broadcasted on Sirius/XM, it's always been a very awkward situation to be on CBSSN given the fact that CBS owns and operates it's own sports radio complex.

Brando's show has been temporarily replaced by a repeat of CBS-owned "Boomer and Carton", which just started airing on CBSSN recently. But could "B&C" or another CBS Sports Radio show end up replacing Tim Brando permanently on CBSSN? Despite the hiatus, many CBS Sports personalities are still making appearances as prominent guests on the show.

The show's Facebook page has been very cryptic as fans have asked why the changes are happening. Administrators on the page say that the show is "negotiating the date of our return" although there's no word on if that means returning to CBSSN or returning to television at another home. Here is a list of some potential places we could see Brando's show if it doesn't return to CBSSN.

  • SEC Network - Brando has a storied history with ESPN and also currently hosts the pregame show to SEC coverage on CBS. His show is also very college sports focused (specifically in SEC Country) and it's no secret that Tim Brando and Paul Finebaum, the face of the network, are very close friends. Simulcasting his radio show on an ESPN-owned network wouldn't conflict with his gig at the ACC Network because Raycom Sports and ESPN are close allies but it could signal an exit from his CBS pregame job if he ends up taking additional hosting duties on the network.

  • Fox Sports 1 - Fox Sports 1 is in need of daytime programming and a show with as much of a rabid fanbase as Brando's could help provide a little jolt to the daytime ratings. FS1 could use this show to build credibility in the South among SEC fans as well. The biggest roadblock that could prevent this from happening is that Fox Sports has their own radio operation which they could simulcast shows from which means it doesn't need to depend on a Sirius/XM-owned show. The counterargument to that argument though, is that the show which airs in Brando's timeslot on Fox Sports Radio, the Dan Patrick Show, currently airs on TV on the NBC Sports Network. 
    • Liberty Media, the owners of Sirius/XM, have a relationship/history with Fox and because of this, a deal to bring Brando to Fox wouldn't be unexpected. Liberty owned 4 FSN affiliates at one point in time before selling the affiliates to DirecTV. 
    • The Atlanta Braves, which are owned by Liberty, are also television partners with Fox although the chances that bigwigs at Liberty Media will be involved in negotiations to put Brando's radio show on TV are slim to none.

  • RSN Syndication - A 3 hour radio show simulcast followed by a repeat could fill in 6 hours of legitimate sports talk for RSNs across the nation that struggle to fill holes in their schedule.
    • Liberty Media is looking to eventually acquire Time Warner Cable, which owns RSNs in LA and other locations. A radio show simulcast could help fill in various timeslots on those RSNs.

  • WILDCARD: ONLINE - Sirius/XM has a relationship with the MLB, which features Chris Russo on their network nowadays. Could Sirius/XM ask MLB Advanced Media to build a website which could host a video simulcast of Brando's show and other Sirius/XM radio shows? Or could MLBAM host a video simulcast on their sports website, Sports on Earth?

  • WILDCARD: CMT/GAC - Brando is openly conservative and a proud Southerner which fits the demographic of many viewers who tune into CMT/GAC. Both networks have also moved away from music and headed into a more unscripted format. With that being said, this probably won't happen unless Brando changes the theme of his show to include less sports and more entertainment fare. CMT also hasn't aired much sports programming other than a Cowboys cheerleaders reality series while GAC hasn't aired any sports programming.

  • WILDCARD: NFL Network - This would SHOCK me, but if the NFL Network wants to expand their college football coverage maybe this is the way they do it after NFL AM? already devotes more of it's resources than expected to college football so who knows?

  • The other likely possibility is that Brando's is OUT from television altogether. I would expect Brando's show to either come back to CBSSN or to be removed from television altogether unfortunately.

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