Friday, December 9, 2011

Mr. Stern, Lose the Ego. You're Wrong on Chris Paul.

When we found out last Saturday morning that the NBA and it’s players had finally come to a deal to end the lockout, we knew that these next two weeks of transactions and free agency would be the most exciting and intense start to a new year we have seen since…….well, last year but I don’t think anyone anticipated the drama that we’ve seen in just 1 day, which ironically is the day before training camp opens. Shane Battier confirmed on his Twitter page around 10 AM that he would sign with the Miami Heat, but interestingly, the Heat weren’t the team causing the most controversy yesterday.

We're taking our talents to South Beach (scratch that) Southern California!
Later in the day, around 11AM Yahoo! Sports reported that the Celtics were in the lead to acquire Chris Paul and wouldn’t mind renting him out for one year to try and win a title, but all of a sudden out of nowhere the LA Lakers rose from the ashes that were left after losing to the Dallas Mavericks in the playoffs last year and ended up securing a 3-way trade that would bring Chris Paul to LA and make this one of the greatest days in SoCal sports history after Albert Pujols left the St. Louis Cardinals to join the LA Angels of Anaheim........
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