Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Can I Sing?

One day I was bored at home doing nothing and I decided randomly to sing (but this time RECORD IT!) I wanted to know if I could sing, if I was a contender or a pretender. I personally (like we all do) believe that I'm a good singer, but after listening to these following two videos IDK? HAHA. I hope this is "entertaining", whether it makes you laugh or you think I'm actually good is up to you to judge.

If YOU really think your a good singer, I encourage you to download Audacity and Lame MP3 Encoder, grab a microphone and record yourself, it might be a bit interesting. After listening to these and hearing myself mess up the lyrics, I know for sure I'm not the next Justin Bieber or Usher but I know I could still, at least, make "American Idol"!

NE-YO - MAD (He might be MAD if he heard this rendition)

AKON - "DON'T MATTER" (Audio tracks got messed up towards the end so I sound really slow, LOL)

YUP! I'm done embarrasing myself. BTW I used to make these videos.

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