Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kobe has a lovechild?


My sources are telling me Kobe was handed paternity papers …Here’s what we’re being told, “Right around the time Tiger Woods was involved in his whole affair mess , a girl Kobe was mixed up with earlier in the year gave birth to his ‘alleged’ child…Kobe paid for her to live in Italy for the last year..She’s returned to the states and is now seeking legal rights.” This sounds plausible, Kobe has cheated on his wife Vanessa in the past…Haven’t these guys learned to keep their hands by their sides when exiting the court.

Hmmmmmm.....???? Distraction?? As a Miami Heat fan and occasional Boston Celtics fan, It would be great if Kobe is distracted so they can lose in the championship LOL. I guess Kobe never learned from his mistakes in Colorado.

UPDATE: On the first night after these Internet rumors have come out, the Lakers lose 109-89 to THE BOBCATS! Kobe still had 20 pts but didn't dominate the game like he usually does. Distraction?? Let's remember when the rumors about LBJ and his mom came out and how much he just shutdown. (The website reporting the Kobe story is the same website that broke the LBJ's mom story) These rumors haven't hit the fan yet (No mainstream media like ESPN or mainstream blogs like Deadspin have discussed the issue yet) but maybe that's what's bothering him (when the rumors are exposed to people who don't read sports gossip websites, LOL). This isn't good PR since his new "mini-movie" comes out next weekend + he's already had to deal with a cheating scandal before. We'll see how this story develops.

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