Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why President Obama needs a reality show! (Featured in THE MAVERICK EXPRESS, My school newspaper, "YeS, I KnOw I'm SuCh a GeEk LOL")

When you're the president of the United States, the first couple months of your administration are a breeze, life is great, and all you have to do is chill back and relax, make sure nothing really dramatic happens and your approval ratings will be off the roof. Barack Obama was riding a huge popularity boost, in fact Mr. Obama had some of the highest approval ratings of any president in American history.

But almost a year later, everything has changed and his approval ratings are heading towards lows that haven't been seen since Herbert Hoover. Obama came in not realizing how tough Washington really was, he introduced some great ideas that could impact this country in a positive direction such as healthcare reform and the stimulus package but has received little, if at all, any support from Republicans and moderate Democrats.

The biggest problem facing the Obama administration is that they don't know how to sell their ideas to the American people. They have let the opposition control the spin which has caused a negative reaction from everyday Americans. In a world controlled by “American Idol”, “Dancing With the Stars” and “Jersey Shore”, President Obama needs to be ambitious and show the American people how hard he is really working through his own reality show. “The Real White House” would be a weekly show that takes you inside the way Washington really works. When a head of state is meeting with Obama, the American people are there to see what he has to deal with. When Republican leadership in Congress is coming to complain about healthcare or African-American leadership is coming to complain about the lack of support from the President or when Sasha and Malia need help with their homework, TV viewers all around the world get to see what really goes down in the house that represents the free world. We can meet all of Obama's cabinet and get a look into their lives and see the way things work. We gotta the real side of Washington, I wanna see Joe Biden and Obama fighting on whether the White House should endorse the public option or Rahm Emmanuel and Obama cussing each other out because Rahm thinks that Obama's initiative for bi-partisanship is going to cost him politically. This show needs to be raw and real to show Americans how tough it really is to serve in government.

It's already happened before, in Newark, NJ. Mayor Cory Booker has a reality show/documentary series entitled “Brick City” that follows the lives of citizens in Newark, NJ who are faced with the fact that crime & drugs are still very prevalent in their community; the show also follows the Mayor and his administration as they try to combat violence and make a better tomorrow for the young kids of Newark. It's very real and raw and shows the Mayor and his fellow comrades getting into heated arguments when discussing how to make better their gang ravaged city. It also shows the interaction between the mayor and the citizens that the show is following. Obama's show can do the same thing, by picking random small town Americans to include in the show. Portray in the show all the economic struggles they are going through and show Obama interacting with these people as well as how he is going to help them and millions of others. This would gain big ratings = big money = money that could reduce the deficit = Obama's re-election?

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