Sunday, February 21, 2010

America, we gotta cut the bullcrap, united we stand divided we fall!

2010 has brought stress and worryings to an Obama administration that was at the top of the world, just one year ago. In February of 2009, we were talking about the renaissance man and the “change-maker” that is Barack Obama and how he was going to finally deliver on healthcare and the economy and how the Republican party was dead and had no leader, or actually excuse me, they had a self-proclaimed “entertainer” and “rodeo clown” in Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck as their leaders. Now as we fast-forward to a year later, the Democrats are in shambles, the right is now looking right and the movement of conservatism has reclaimed this country that just a year ago was according to many conservative commentators turning “socialist”. As we embark on a year where jobs and the economy are suppose to be the main focus on the political agendas of both parties, we are faced with a two-party system that is only focused on getting re-elected on November of 2010. How is this country going to progress and re-acquire it's crown as the financial king of the world if politicians are arguing over silly things that are easily resolvable? Republicans and Democrats worked out a deal on a bi-partisan jobs bill that could have helped the lives of millions of Americans, stabilized or lowered the unemployment rate and gained political points for both sides by showing Americans that we are all in this together. But instead, Sen. Harry Reid (D- Nevada), the leader of the Democratic senators in Congress, deemed it that this bill would not help him get re-elected in November, therefore this bill shouldn't be part of the Democratic agenda. Senator Judd Gregg, who keep in mind was nominated for a position in Obama's administration but declined the offer, decided that it would be beneficial for Americans if a bi-partisan committee was established to try and lower the national deficit; President Obama supported this effort but as soon as he gave his hand of approval, the efforts to establish this committee were dropped by Republicans for political reasons. What gives? What has this country turned into? Are the values and principles of democracy that America was built on where our leaders are supposed to do whatever they can to ensure that the public is safe, healthy and economically stable being practiced in Washington? HELL NO!! Both Democrats and Republicans need to cut the crap and get a grip. I wanna see someone, somewhere stand up and say “I don't give a darn if I get re-elected or not, if this bill is going to help our country and the people of this country succeed I'm all for it!” It's time for an end to this injustice, it's sickening and if it doesn't stop our country as a whole could be at risk of ever succeeding again; this virus of partisanship, hatred for other Americans who are of an opposite party, and hate in general needs to stop before it spreads to our future generations.

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