Wednesday, July 22, 2009


-Earlier today when I logged onto my computer I went on TMZ and was excited to find out that the video of LeBron James getting dunked on would be released to the public, first it would air on TMZ TV and then a full video would be released at 6:45PM on

-Harvey Levin; the mastermind behind TMZ then appeared on the Dan Patrick Show and said that he would not reveal how he got the video but only said that it cost anywhere between $10,000-50,000

-But suddenly for reasons I don't understand TMZ decided to release the video early at 3:02PM ET; I had just logged off of my computer an hour earlier so I wasn't aware of this, then I began watching SportsNation on ESPN2 and they said they had the LeBron video and I was like WTF? didn't TMZ say they had it? But then I saw the TMZ logo on the video and the rest I guess is history lol.

-I went to Twitter to check if there was any buzz on the video and discovered there was another version of the video with higher quality from a website called, it was released exactly 10 minutes after TMZ released its version, the question is why did TMZ release the video early?

-Did they get word that was going to release a better version earlier than they would like? Did they want to embarass LeBron James early? Who knows?

UPDATE: As soon as I got the link and made sure that this was actually high quality video of LeBron getting dunked on, I tweeted it to SportsNation and a couple of blogger friends of mine; 10 minutes after I tweeted it to them; I was watching SportsNation on ESPN (They are on ESPN subbing for ATH and PTI this week) and saw the version of the video that I had just sent to them IDK if they got my tweet or not but that was pretty cool to me lol


WINNERS: This little known website which appears to be a male social networking website was able to scoop the scooper in TMZ (Which in the past has scooped many entertainment stories most recently the deaths of Walter Cronkite and Michael Jackson) and not only have video that TMZ claimed was exclusive but have better quality video

Twitter: Word that their was a better version of the LeBron getting dunked on video would not have gotten out without the amazing work of art and technology that is Twitter

Ryan Miller from Ryan Miller is an up and coming journalist from Syracuse, NY who's trying to become the next Dan Patrick or Stuart Scott (I am 2 lol) and he was able to get face time on Fox News, CNN, ESPN SportsCenter, MSNBC, ABC News etc.


TMZ: Not only were they scooped by a website that no one has ever heard of but they had nothing new to offer, the quality of the video was terrible and they PAID $10,000-50,000 FOR A VIDEO WHERE U CAN BARELY SEE THE DUNK, Worst of all you can't even embed the video on your blog, Facebook, MySpace, etc. while you can embed the video from which has better quality, so if this story stays alive by tomorrow bloggers and social networking users are most likely to post the video of the dunk. UPDATE 6:30PM: ESPN SportsCenter is'nt even using TMZ's video

LEBRON JAMES AND NIKE: I know LeBron is supposed to be hyped up as the King and the next big thing in the NBA and he's basically flawless and perfect but LeBron did'nt even get dunked on that badly; and everyone has gotten dunked on before; LEBRON UR NOT PERFECT JUST REALIZE IT LOL! Also this is not the first time an amateur has beaten LeBron in something; don't forget LeBron lost a game to horse last summer at a promotion done by Club Cadet

So, LeBron and Nike stop being such pussys about this, as Miley Cyrus says....

And we all know LeBron is all about making money (He goes to Silicon Valley once a year to meet with billionaires like Rupert Murdoch, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Summer Redstone etc.) Nike and LeBron could have made a commercial out of this, here's Kenny 'The Jet' Smith's idea:

My new commercial idea ! Show every play lebron gets shook, stolen from, blocked and finally dunked on! Then tag it NO ONES PERFECT!
2:07 AM Jul 9th from TwitterFon
If you've never been dunked on you've never played against real competition! What's the big deal?
1:59 AM Jul 9th from TwitterFon

And the worst thing about it is it's not like LeBron got posterized or totally demolished; it was'nt the greatest dunk I've ever seen (but it was pretty good LOL) Jordan Crawford, even if he makes the NBA or not and decides to go to Europe or an alternative league, whatever the case is he will always be known as the guy who dunked on LeBron lol (UNLESS SOMEONE ELSE DOES, WHERE CAN I GET AN APPLICATION FOR NEXT YEAR'S CAMP)

P.S. This show TMZ TV is a hot mess it's my 1st time watching it I always hear that it's one of the highest rated syndicated TV shows but the same stuff online is what's on TV it's a stupid show but if SportsCenter was'nt on at the same time I would probably watch it LOL

UPDATE 7PM: Here is's version:

And here is TMZ's version:

All courtesy of YouTube users who recorded both versions and posted them on YouTube, by tomorrow both videos especially the version will have thousands if not millions of hits

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