Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Champions League Final

FC Barcelona, the underdog in the Champions League final, in a championship that was supposed to be the dream European soccer championship, became a nightmare for Man U as Barcelona was able to pull off the historic upset 2-0. This proves to be historic because it is the first time that a club team from Spain has won the treble, a treble in Spain is when you win the UEFA Championship, La Liga Title and Copa de Rey. Samuel Eto'o scored a fascinating goal with 10 minutes on the clock, and Lionel Messi scored a rare header with 70 minutes on the clock, it was the Argentine's first goal against an English team in the Champions League. Man U's explosive offensive attack was held to a shocking NO goals which was the key to Barcelona's win. The great team effort of Barcelona, frustration by Ronaldo and Rooney, and great managing by Josep Guardiola in his first yr of coaching were the keys to the new car i.e. trophy that Barca won.


La Liga- national professional league for Spain like the MLS in the US

Copa de Rey- Spanish club championship which include pro and amateur teams from Spain like the FA Cup in Britain, US Open Cup in US (if u still don't understand it's like having a National Football Championship where NFL, college football, arena football and street football teams from the US were to go against each other to decide who is the best football team in America)

UEFA Championship- Champions League final, the championship game to decide the best soccer team in Europe

If you wanna know why you should never use Wikipedia to research projects check this out, this is on Josep Guardiola's Wikipedia page a couple of minutes after Barca won the title, of course by a Man U fan, I discovered this when I was looking for who this manager was, I had never seen him before until last week but never cared to know who he was until now since they are the champions:

If you can't read it, it says Barcelona suck donkey ballsssssssssss


I'm ok with Barca winning, Barca and Man U are my 2 favorite soccer teams in Europe

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